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Nicki Potter, Owner

My name is Nicki Potter. I am the owner of Slay by Nicki J. 
I am Married to an amazing husband named Derik, who is also now my business partner, and we have 3 beautiful children.  I have been exposed to the beauty industry for close to 20 years through my cosmetologist sister.  After helping her set up her most recent salon, I decided that I wanted to be a part of it and started an Esthetics program towards the end of 2014.
While in school it became abundantly clear that eyebrows are my true passion!!  I will never forget the day that my schoolmate, Chiqua, told me about eyebrow extensions.  I knew they would be HUGE because so many people need them!!  I did my research, found a company I liked that not only offered extensions, but a sculpting gel that allowed me to build an eyebrow from nothing…and the rest is history!!
I graduated from school in July, 2015 and hit the ground running!  To date I have touched more than 500 brows and LOVED every moment of it!!  In October of 2018 I opened the current Slay by Nicki J, 3000 sq. foot, beautiful, all esthetics salon!  We offer everything from a basic brow design and shape to a permanent brow called Ombre’ Slay, to Botox,  Fillers and more!! 
It’s an amazing feeling to be able to go to work every day and do something I love with a team of driven, smart and dedicated women!  I am forever grateful!!!

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Stephanie Brady, Nurse Injector

Hi! My name is Stephanie Brady and I am a nurse injector at Slay by Nicki J. I started my nursing career 12 years ago, I spent time in critical care, home health, and rehab. When signs of aging started to creep up on my own face, I was postpartum, in my thirties and not loving much about myself or my appearance. Discovering the world of aesthetics, taking care of my skin and getting injectables gave me confidence, it made me feel good when I looked in the mirror again and I wanted  to be able to give that gift to other women! 
I am a wife to a traveling husband and a momma to 3 little babes all under 5, so like any other momma I enjoy naps and coffee! The world of aesthetics is my escape from daily chaos and where I can get in a zone! I LOVE what I do!
In a world where so much emphasis is put on how we look on the outside, getting older can be HARD! It’s my goal to naturally enhance your beauty and give you a little of your youth back! 
I can provide the best results with a individualized plan of care for my clients, combining neurotoxins like Botox, fillers, facials, microneedling, chemical peels, and at home skin care recommendations. Together we can customize a plan for you to give you the results you’ve been craving!  

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Candice Johnson, Cosmetologist

I’m Candice Johnson aka CandiLash. I’m a cosmetologist but I’m not into hair. I’m into caring for the rest of your body! I’m a hardworking mother of an athletic, intelligent and caring son. I love ❤️ lashes and brows! I have been lashing for 3 1/2 years now. Brows are my first love and I’ve been doing my own since I was a teenager, so your brows are definitely safe with me. Helping you achieve flawless skin is a specialty of mine. Through customizing a plan for your skin with treatment plans such as, Facials, derma-planing, and chemical peels. I can help you with reaching your weight loss goals as well, through body contouring and wood therapy. I offer other services too and would love to pamper you!

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Monica Shamell, Master Esthetician

I’ve always had an admiration for the beauty industry, as a whole, because of the details and creativeness to make others look and feel great. So at 18, once I realized I had a natural talent of taming and shaping even the bushiest brows, I began tweezing and defining the shapes of all my close friends and family members eyebrows. I played around with this talent for years and never took it serious because I had no idea how to turn it into an actual career, but my passion never died. In 2017 I decided to make a complete career change and dive head first into the beauty industry, by returning to school and obtaining my esthetics license, which allowed me to hone in on my brow shaping skills, as well as growing a new love for full body waxing and skincare. To be able to have a career where I make others feel confident, while doing something I love, is the most amazing experience ever and I’m so lucky to work with such an amazing team! I’ve been with Slay by Nicki J Salon since October 2018, and specialize in full body waxing and brow shaping, including Brow Sculpting and Ombré Slay.

ShaMara Boone, Makeup Artist

ShaMara Boone is a self-taught makeup artist with a passion for creation. She has been collaborating on event makeup, bridal, photography and commercial shoots.
As a self-taught freelance makeup artist since 2012 her love of makeup goes back many years. Her forte is  bridal, special events, and natural makeup styles. She Also enjoys pushing the envelope doing creative editorial, and Avant Garde looks as well. 
As a wife and mother this Louisville based Powerhouse makeup artist has made it her goal to be the best she can be and translate that same love and energy into her work.

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Terryn Clyburn, Licensed Esthetician

My name is Terryn and I am a Licensed Esthetician, I earned my  education in 2016 at a reputable school in Atlanta, Ga  called the Elaine sterling institute. There i learned everything there is to know about the skin inside & out, I am very passionate about making men & women feel beautiful/confident, & I love to educate them about their skin along the way.

Kimberly Vessels, Certified Nurse Practitioner

Certified Nurse Practioner for more than 5 years.  She specializes in neuromodulators (aka Botox, Dysport, etc.). Spending time with family and friends are her favorite things to do in her downtime…especially with her 10-year old daughter.