Life’s not perfect but your makeup can be!

Life’s not perfect but your makeup can be! Book professional makeup services for weddings, photoshoots, graduations, birthdays, proms, etc.  Your skin will be prepped for a customized makeover based on your skin type, complexion and any special requests you may have.

Can’t come in? No worries! Make your special occasion a little less stressful by requesting concierge beauty services and we will bring services to you!  After the initial application, standby services are also available for touch ups or makeup change, to ensure that your makeup stays flawless on your big day (additional charge will apply)

(A $50 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking)





Airbrush – $130 Bride 

Traditional Makeup 

Bride $90 (Lashes included) 
Bridesmaid $75 (add Lashes $10) 
Derby – $100 
Prom – $75 
Natural/Soft Look (45 minutes or less) $65 (add Lashes $10) 
Soft Glam Look $75 (add Lashes $10.  1-hour application) 


Permanent Eyeliner (Full Eye) $550

Permanent eyeliner is a lash line enhancement using either a dark brown or black pigment.  This lash line enhancement is amazing to shorten your time getting ready in the morning by eliminating the need to add eyeliner.  Also, you can cry, swim, sweat and rub your eyes without worrying about your eyeliner smudging.   

Add this on with your Permanent Brow Ombre Slay and receive a $25 discount at checkout!  (Read about the Ombre Slay under Brow Service). 

Permanent Eyeliner (Bottom) $300
Permanent Eyeliner (Top) $300