Get rid of that unwanted hair.


Why Should You Get Waxed at Slay by Nicki J?

When you choose a wax expert at Slay by Nicki J, prepare to have the BEST waxing experience you have ever had.  There is a stigma attached to waxing that causes many to be afraid of it, and we’ve all personally been there, so we understand how you feel!!  Our #1 goal is to always make you as comfortable as possible, while also delivering amazing results.  Here are just a few things we offer that set us apart from other wax centers in our area:


1.  We always have a thorough consultation prior to a waxing appointment.  During this consultation, we go over your consent forms and help you know what to expect from the appointment, and what to do after.

2.  In addition to always cleansing the area, we steam the area that will be waxed either with a steamer, or a warm steam towel to help soften the skin and prepare the pores for hair removal.

3.  We also use a hard wax instead of soft wax.  What is the difference?  The main difference is hard wax hurts LESS!  It is also really gentle and safe for almost all skin types.

Our wax services are listed below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Back Wax $65+
Brazilian Wax $60 (Men $85)
Ear Wax $15
Full Face Wax $40
Half Leg Wax (both legs) $55
Bikini Line Wax $35
Bikini Full Wax $45
Half Arm Wax (both arms) $45+
Full Arm Wax (both arms) $65
Full Buttocks $65
Inner Thigh $45
Full Leg Wax (both legs) $95

Lip Wax $15
Chin Wax $15
Chest Wax $25  (Men $65+)
Full Body Wax $375
Underarm Wax $35
Sideburn Wax $20
Stomach Line $14
Nose Wax $15
Bikini Area Ingrown Hair Treatment $135
Signature V-Facial $45
Intimate Skin Brightening Treatment $135
(+ prices are subject to change)

PACKAGES: BUY 3, Get 3% off 

BUY 6, Get 6% off

BUY 12, Get 12% off

(must be all of the same area).